Firmware: larger HDD support hack

There is a thread about this hack and how it was tested in an LVW-5026 on the Digital Video Forum

The latest standard firmware for most models is available from the Lite-On website

### Revision 2 Hacked Firmware released: Max capacity 512GB, MV disabled and DVD region-free ###

Click the most appropriate flag for your location and ensure that you download the correct firmware


NOTE 1: Hacked firmware is based on the latest standard version available at the time for certain models/regions ONLY.
NOTE 2: Hacked firmware based on previous standard versions or for other Countries/Regions may also be possible.
NOTE 3: Hacked firmware has been tested by me in the LVW-5026 (UK) but not in any of the other models.
NOTE 4: Hacked firmware is supplied "as-is" and is to be installed/used at your own risk. There are no guarantees !

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